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How The Fashion Industry Rips You Off

And How You Can Beat Them At Their Own Game

There are many things the apparel industry does wrong – on purpose. It does these things because it feels it will make more money. They are:

#1 Not making convertible clothes. Items like jackets that turn into vests, pants that turn into shorts, etc. are great for consumers and the environment, The buyer gets twice as much garment, and the factory uses half as much water per garment. But companies think they can make more money selling you two separate garments. (spoiler alert: They’re wrong!)

#2 Not making enough stretch garments. When fabric has ample stretch, the same garment can fit a size small woman, and a size 2XL man. That would be great, because then people could share their clothes a lot more, and buy a lot less. Easy to see why the industry isn’t happy about that idea.

#3 Making heavy garments. Fabric thickness is measured in ounces per square yard, or grams per square meter. T-shirt weight is about 4.5 to 6 ounces, jeans and hoodies about 9 to 12 ounces. What’s wrong with a 12 ounce hoodie? Well, consider this: If you buy two 6 ounce hoodies instead, you’d pay about the same as you would for the one heavier one, but you’d have 4 garments – the two light ones, or you could wear them together, with either garment on the outside. That’s four garments for the price of one. Basically, if you buy that heavy garment, you’re paying 4x as much as you should. And that’s not just the vost to you. The environment pays a heavy price as well.

Those three strategies, generate excellent profits, but they’re terrible for our ecosystem, and not good for out wallets.

So what to do about all this? Well, yeah, you can buy convertible clothes (preferably from us). If you can buy clothes that also stretch, and share them with your girlfriend, boyfriend, brother, sister, husband, wife – then you’re doing even better. And it’s always better to buy two lightweight garments instead of one heavy one.

I also never buy shorts or short sleeved shirts (I can turn long pants into pants plus shorts and one long sleeved shirt into a combimation long/shirt sleeved shirt.

Please keep those tips in mind, next time you shop.

.Thank you