A tiny Los Angeles company that is a world leader in sustainable fashion concepts.

One summer, I wanted to cut the sleeves off my hoodie, but didn’t want to ruin a perfectly good hoodie. I started thinking about ways to reattach the sleeves, and got interested in the whole concept of transformable apparel. I quickly realized two things :

First, I saw that convertible clothing was a simple way to double or triple factory efficiency.  Factories could effectively produce two or three garments, with virtually the same amount of electricity and water used for one.

Second, I realized why corporations don’t make convertible clothes – it’s because they make more money selling separate garments.

But that strategy, although profitable, has a downside of catastrophic proportion. It’s a major contributor to the worldwide water shortage. There are nearly a billion people without access to clean water for drinking, bathing and cooking. I thought, “If only there was a way to make convertible clothing profitable….the global fashion industry could reduce its water use by half! Or even two thirds!”

Then it hit me: Aesthetic transformability!!! Compliment the functional transformability, with aesthetic transformability! Give people ways to change up the look of their garments. Customers get infinite possibilities to express themselves, and companies get a new revenue source that more than compensates for the profits lost by producing convertible clothes.

I came up with a few designs, a local seamstress made samples, and they got great reviews around LA.

As of Spring/Summer 2020, we are still just a tiny company with a big idea, but we think we’re on track to influence the entire global apparel industry into doing things a better way.