Endless Expressions Hat



So everybody wants to know: “How do the designs attach to the cap? Velcro? Snaps? Magnets? Nope. All we’re going to say is that it’s proprietary and it’s pretty slick.

Ok, here’s a few hints: The designs are printed on a material that’s inexpensive, recyclable, and attaches without any type of fastener. The end result is a system that lets you express yourself in endless ways, with near zero environmental cost, at an amazing price.

Annual subscriptions are offered at 3 different levels:

Starter Plan: Free / $2.99 per design
Serious Plan: $19.99 per year (or $1.69/month) / $1.99 per design
Unlimited Plan $99 one time charge / $0.99 per design

Unlike the telecom companies, our unlimted plan is actually unlimited! You can buy as many designs as you want for just 99 cents each. Even with shipping, they are barely over a buck a piece.